Discover Bahco tools from The Tool Shed, one of Sheffield’s best tool shops, delivering nationwide. Bahco produce some of the highest quality tools suitable for professionals and DIYers who want to achieve the perfect finish and the very best result.

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Bahco Laplander Knife
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Bahco Tools

Bahco specialise in designing and creating premium hand tools for professionals within the construction industry and related industries worldwide. Their prestige and excellence mean their products are sold across the globe for people looking to create a professional finish on their product or service.

Bahco have over 165 years of history which has gone into creating the premium tools that you can buy from The Tool Shed. They have won medals internationally, including medals for innovation due to their fantastic and leading designs.

Bahco Laplander Knife

One of the most popular Bahco tools that we sell at The Tool Shed is the Bahco Laplander knife. It’s prized because it’s extremely robust and durable, perfect for a massive range of applications. Made from stainless steel, it doesn’t rust so stands the test of time no matter what work you put it to.

It has a two component handle for comfort, control and grip, maximising the superior feel of the Bahco knife and making for easy handling.

Bahco Saw

The laplander saw from Bahco is another premium product that can’t be beaten. Bahco emphasise their long history working with and developing steel to produce the highest quality tools. That can really be seen and felt with the Laplander saw.

The folding saw is practical and simple to use with a 9 inch blade to make transport, handling and carrying as easy as possible. It’s ideal for bushcraft due to its small size and easy handling. It ways only 6 ounces (175g) so can be carried on a belt or in a bag without being cumbersome.

It has a unique XT toothing system that can only be found with Bahco tools. This is extremely fine and sharp, enabling faster cutting and minimising the energy that you waste!

Bahco Files

As well as knives and saws, our Bahco tools range also includes files. These are double sided to make them as efficient as possible whatever you’re using them for. There are different files available for metal and wood filing that allow you to sharpen tools and other instruments so you can go on working without wasting time.

They feature both a first cut to help you sharpen tools and a third cut for more precise and fine sharpening. We also have a file with a rasp file that’s designed for rough filing of wood, including plywood, and soft plastics.

Our Bahco files feature an ergonomic handle design for comfort and control so you can use the file without handstrain and minimising potential for injury.

Bahco Sheffield

The Tool Shed is a Sheffield tool shop that deliver UK-wide. We are based in the Lanes in Meadowhall so if you’re nearby, feel free to pop in to see our quality Bahco products in person before you buy! The Tool Shed is the ideal way to get Bahco in Sheffield.