DELEHEDY Complete Trowel & Foam Blade

 Delehedy Plastic Flexible Trowel Complete With Foam Backed Blade - All Sizes

The Delehedy Plastic Flexible plastering trowels, previously marketed and distributed by Refina.
The stainless steel mini trowel blade has an alloy shank and soft handle which slots neatly into the flexible plastic blade.
These trowels are perfect for multi finish and skimming, white cements and renders, special finishes and epoxies, leaving no marks.
The trowels do not need breaking in and they are safer to use than steel trowels with no sharp edges to cut or injure.
They allow much earlier and faster recoating of previously applied gauges.
They skim without the aid of water and leave a good polished finish on the surface.
Can be used for trowelling up, flattening, skimming and finishing.


  • Replacable blades
  • Excellent finish and lightweight to use
  • Work on wet plaster
  • Cover large areas with less trowel pressure
  • Flexible blade suitable for curved surfaces
  • For multi finish and skimming white cements and renders
  • New soft composite rubber handles

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