The NeLaFLEX II GOLD EDITION, still with the 0.3mm Super FLEX-ible blade has an improved bond technology with a specially designed sealant for the bracket and blade. The corners and blade have been redesigned ensuring that the trowel is better to use directly from the box.

The new gold blade improves performance directly from the box and due to an adjustment of the FLEX the blades performance is superior to its predecessors
• Perfect for burr-free fillings thanks to lightly rounded edges and versatile double-blade technology.

• in  CORK and SOFT. A perfectly designed Ergonomic handle - designed on comfort and performance.
• Ultra-lightweight aluminium mounting made from a robust special alloy: for ultra-high stability and easy handling.
• Attached with special bolts made from a high-quality stainless material.
• High-strength bond between both blades thanks to a special tape that withstands both solvents and extreme temperatures.

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